From trauma to resilience: reparation through artistic mediation Stolen babies families from Spain, the “bus experience”

Abstract The cases of stolen babies in Spain began at the time of Francisco Franco’s regime (1940-1975) but continued to occur until relatively recently. To be precise, 300,000 babies were stolen during and after the Coup d’Etat. Many of the families now looking for their babies suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They began to make their cases public only recently in 2011, when they discovered that the institutions had lied to them, and that their babies had not died but had been sold/given up for adoption. After confirming the lack of studies based on the victims we decided advance in the framework of research/action. The purpose of this paper is first to contextualize the theft of babies in Spain, to examine the process of artistic mediation and creativity that took place between 2016 and 2018 and to analyze how the workshops based in artistic mediation created an impact in the process of group transformation. The “Community resilience, Bus stop” and “Drive your resilient Bus” workshops in which various techniques gave rise to a safe space, not only allowed this population to increase its members but to take its cases beyond Spain’s borders, to travel to other countries and tell their stories from within a resilient and above all creative space. Keywords: Mediation transformation – Resilience – Stolen Babies – Trauma – Resilient bus – Artistic mediation