Agitation and Propaganda of Physical Culture and Sport in the Ussr In Military Conditions (1941-1945)

The presented article analyzes agitation and propagandistic activities of the publishing house “Physical Culture and Sport” and, in particular, the newspaper “Krasny Sport” in 1941-1945. Unlike many other specialized publishing organizations and periodicals, which were closed or reprofiled since the beginning of participation of the USSR in World War II, both the publishing house and the newspaper continued to work, which was explained by the importance of disseminating physical education knowledge and skills for training the Red Army. Until now, issues of the sports literature release in the war period have not become the subject of historical journalistic research. The State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) in Moscow stores working documents of the All-Union Committee on Physical Culture and Sports under the USSR Council of People’s Commissars of 1941-1945: correspondence of the newspaper’s editorial office and the publishing house’s directorate with the leadership of the All-Union Committee, letters to the newspaper from republican and city physical education committees, reports of correspondents and business trips, etc. Based on these materials and on publications of “Krasny Sport” newspaper involvement, the factors determining the publishing house’s functioning in military conditions were identified and the main directions of its activity were. As a result, we can determine how useful the activities of the newspaper and publishing house were for winning the war and the subsequent restructuring of the entire physical culture and sports movement of the USSR in accordance with new socio-political tasks after the end of the war. Keywords: агитация и пропаганда, физкультура и спорт, спортивная пресса, Вторая мировая война